Friday, June 18, 2010

Lonely Studio

Yesterday was the day I delivered all the new work to the gallery in Culver City. It's left me very lonely in my studio and home today - I'm feeling a bit insecure without it. In the past, I've looked forward to the day my work was delivered to return to a cleaned out space...not so much this time. These pieces are so important to me, again, I can't explain it. Last night when I was trying to sleep, I was telling myself, I'll make my own My Heart Shall Not Fear piece (the one with the pink zebra) and put it back on my wall...and it accurred to me, that there will never be another "My Heart Shall Not Fear" in this lifetime. There will only be one "Sleep Escapes Me", or "Wander, Eternal Beauty" or "The Weight" (seen above). All the detailed corners, all the tears and struggle and HOURS upon HOURS I put in, are done and sealed and out of my hands for the world to take part in, and (hopefully) enjoy. Noone will ever make another piece quite like these...hmmm.

So as I was saddened by the empty space, that was kind of a nice thought and made me feel better. The pieces are for the world now - whoever wants to enjoy them, can enjoy them. I had my time with them, now it's your turn! :D

See some of the progress shots and read a little bit about my childhood here at Coates And Scarry (Chippy Coates and Richard Scarry). I had the pleasure of spending some time with these two gentle-gentlemen in their hometown of Bristol. They are as sweet as Bristol itself, really, so I was very pleased when they asked me to answer some questions about my show.


  1. This is such a great piece of writing about your feelings on the show. I really think that it gets the point across to the future viewers about how much of you is in each and every of these pieces. They say being photographed can steal a piece of your soul, but I think that the myth would apply much more to a painting for an artist then anything else after reading this. <3 Everyone's going to love it!

  2. can't wait to see your show!