Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Video! Never Before!

For the first time ever, I videoed some inking process during the making of my show. Here, see my fingers and pen working on the piece Wander, Eternal Beauty. You might be able to hear faint music in the background, I was listening to Dean Martin Radio on Pandora.

This week has been ... I don't know. I think I'm really stressed and nervous about the show this Saturday. Usually, when I'm stressed to this degree, I tend to have lot's of problems in my sleep AND fall down and hurt myself when I'm awake. So, as it goes, this week's sleep has been hectic - lot's of night terrors, restless hours of thinking, staring at the ceiling. My neck and back are all screwy, I had to go get a massage yesterday in hopes that it would heal faster - in time to feel good at my's a little better today, but I was hoping for a miracle. AND, I fell down on the sidewalk on Tuesday! What the hell?!! I didn't hurt myself, but I was pretty perturbed. I feel like a lunatic.

Enjoy the video!

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