Monday, June 14, 2010

Sad & Exciting!!

Things are getting very exciting around here as of late...with only two weeks (less than!) til my show opens, all the little details and special promotions are whirling around my head! I finished the works. I FINISHED!! The second round gets photographed today, then out to the gallery by the end of the week!! Yesterday was the debut of MY NEW WEBSITE and I'm so stoked on it!! A facelift of sorts is refreshing, and just in time for the new work - a new look!

Also, take a look at my Juxtapoz 20 Questions interview!! I worked in a little Linda Carter, Peter Fonda and the end of the world. See how I spin, take a lookie!!

So as I mentioned, I finished ALL the work yesterday - the final piece went out to be clear-coated (by one brilliantly beautiful man), and I sat in front of the pieces...alone with my completed works on the floor. I was looking forward to this day for a long time, thinking I would feel so relieved and happy and relaxed. Not so was very odd. I've put so much into this new body of work, SO MUCH heart and struggle, tears and heartache - I can't even tell you. And now that it's finished and it'll go out to the gallery - I feel very sad. SAD? I've never felt this way before. I love these guys. They mean so much to me. It just feels like ... I don't know ... all your baby birds are leaving the nest maybe. I feel anxious and excited and nervous and thrilled too though, don't get me wrong. I feel very blessed and thankful for all the people in my life - their support and encouragement, their understanding and love. I get to do this beautiful "job", with the very best people around. It is truly wonderful...


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  1. There is so much excitement in my heart for this! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! <3