Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So Many Sides Of Why

In the beginning of getting ready for a new body of work, for a solo show, I toss around ideas, stories, and inspiration in my head for MONTHS. Until the point where I have a substantial amount of wild inspiration and I can no longer keep em organized in my head ~ then I start sketching like mad.

The story has to relate to myself at the time, and it takes on many different faces and many different turns as it all develops and comes together. Sometimes it feels like I've got a hundred wild horses, running every different direction, and I need to reign em all in. At this point I feel very anxious. By the time I start sketching, the stress is lightened a little - then by the time I start figuring out sizes for panels and settle on pieces I want to paint, I feel very excited to get started.

I started painting back in October.

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