Friday, August 20, 2010

Opening Night

I know it's been a while {almost II months!}, but I thought I would put the images of opening night up in completion of this blog. Here's to all that made it out June 26th, and to all that couldn't make it but wished me well!

And you can act like you were there by watching the super quick video of the night!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Video! Never Before!

For the first time ever, I videoed some inking process during the making of my show. Here, see my fingers and pen working on the piece Wander, Eternal Beauty. You might be able to hear faint music in the background, I was listening to Dean Martin Radio on Pandora.

This week has been ... I don't know. I think I'm really stressed and nervous about the show this Saturday. Usually, when I'm stressed to this degree, I tend to have lot's of problems in my sleep AND fall down and hurt myself when I'm awake. So, as it goes, this week's sleep has been hectic - lot's of night terrors, restless hours of thinking, staring at the ceiling. My neck and back are all screwy, I had to go get a massage yesterday in hopes that it would heal faster - in time to feel good at my's a little better today, but I was hoping for a miracle. AND, I fell down on the sidewalk on Tuesday! What the hell?!! I didn't hurt myself, but I was pretty perturbed. I feel like a lunatic.

Enjoy the video!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lonely Studio

Yesterday was the day I delivered all the new work to the gallery in Culver City. It's left me very lonely in my studio and home today - I'm feeling a bit insecure without it. In the past, I've looked forward to the day my work was delivered to return to a cleaned out space...not so much this time. These pieces are so important to me, again, I can't explain it. Last night when I was trying to sleep, I was telling myself, I'll make my own My Heart Shall Not Fear piece (the one with the pink zebra) and put it back on my wall...and it accurred to me, that there will never be another "My Heart Shall Not Fear" in this lifetime. There will only be one "Sleep Escapes Me", or "Wander, Eternal Beauty" or "The Weight" (seen above). All the detailed corners, all the tears and struggle and HOURS upon HOURS I put in, are done and sealed and out of my hands for the world to take part in, and (hopefully) enjoy. Noone will ever make another piece quite like these...hmmm.

So as I was saddened by the empty space, that was kind of a nice thought and made me feel better. The pieces are for the world now - whoever wants to enjoy them, can enjoy them. I had my time with them, now it's your turn! :D

See some of the progress shots and read a little bit about my childhood here at Coates And Scarry (Chippy Coates and Richard Scarry). I had the pleasure of spending some time with these two gentle-gentlemen in their hometown of Bristol. They are as sweet as Bristol itself, really, so I was very pleased when they asked me to answer some questions about my show.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sad & Exciting!!

Things are getting very exciting around here as of late...with only two weeks (less than!) til my show opens, all the little details and special promotions are whirling around my head! I finished the works. I FINISHED!! The second round gets photographed today, then out to the gallery by the end of the week!! Yesterday was the debut of MY NEW WEBSITE and I'm so stoked on it!! A facelift of sorts is refreshing, and just in time for the new work - a new look!

Also, take a look at my Juxtapoz 20 Questions interview!! I worked in a little Linda Carter, Peter Fonda and the end of the world. See how I spin, take a lookie!!

So as I mentioned, I finished ALL the work yesterday - the final piece went out to be clear-coated (by one brilliantly beautiful man), and I sat in front of the pieces...alone with my completed works on the floor. I was looking forward to this day for a long time, thinking I would feel so relieved and happy and relaxed. Not so was very odd. I've put so much into this new body of work, SO MUCH heart and struggle, tears and heartache - I can't even tell you. And now that it's finished and it'll go out to the gallery - I feel very sad. SAD? I've never felt this way before. I love these guys. They mean so much to me. It just feels like ... I don't know ... all your baby birds are leaving the nest maybe. I feel anxious and excited and nervous and thrilled too though, don't get me wrong. I feel very blessed and thankful for all the people in my life - their support and encouragement, their understanding and love. I get to do this beautiful "job", with the very best people around. It is truly wonderful...