Monday, June 7, 2010

American Art Collector & Sketch Theatre For MHSNF

Yay!! This month's American Art Collector has a beautiful piece about my new show!! In the feature, you can peek in and behold three new images of works that are part of My Heart Shall Not Fear. The interview went great, I really appreciate their support and the support of the Corey Helford Gallery.

"Brandi Milne has a unique voice that I can only describe as 'Nouveau surreal'. The fantasy of her imagery is dream-like, but like dreams, very connected to the psyche of the artist. The overt impression one gets from My Heart Shall Not Fear is delicacy and dark beauty, but the latent message is about mortality and the magic of renewal." -Jan Helford, Owner, Corey Helford Gallery

(Here's the great Jan Helford and me at the gallery this past Friday!)

Aaaand, for your viewing and listening pleasure, My friend Lily from Sketch Theatre had me back for a fourth installment ~ see my Candy Head Girl from start to finish in less than two minutes to the musical stylings of Modest Mouse!!

I got to spend some more time with Lily (left), in a mushroom house - built by one Mr. Rick O'Brien at the enchanted home of Rick and Mindy (MISS Mindy) over the weekend. Good-time-guy Bob Self (Baby Tattoo Books) and the O'Briens hosted a Mid Summer Night's Dream Dr. Sketchy's - good times all around!!

Here are sad times upon departure...but it's back to the drawing board for the both of us!!

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