Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hustlin N Bustlin, No Joke

I've been all quiet on the western front as of late, I know. I've been working my fingers to the skinny over here, getting things all finished up for the big show. But I wanted to share with you the show card found in Juxtapoz this month! It's the very first image of all the images kept so secret between myself and the gallery. It's getting really exciting, and I'm starting to see the finish line up ahead.

Sleepless nights turn into days and days of painting, emailing, documenting, and more painting. It's definitely a labor of love and beyond at this point, like you've built a story~ and characters that become your family. It'll feel very strange when all the work is out of my hands and in the very capable hands of the Corey Helford Gallery in a few weeks. To work this long, this hard and this intensely on such a large body of work and then stop when it's finished, feels very....lonely. And quiet. !!!But I'm not quite there yet! Still crazy hustlin and crowded here, for a few more weeks at least...

I got myself up to Hollywood today (fighting traffic there and back) to do an interview at the Sketch Theatre Studio. The very fun and lovely Lola played the part of the interviewer, and we had a great time goofing off with our silly-girl jitters for the camera. Lily Feliciano (Sketch Theatre) has her work of editing cut out for her, but she was half the trouble herself!! We had such a fun time! I also had a moment to bust out a special sketch on camera that will debut before the show (as well as the interview). I'll be sure to keep the updates flowin! Til then, be well!!

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