Thursday, April 29, 2010

Secrets Of The Last Show On Earth

In the summer, I read an interview in Hi Fructose magazine with Todd Schorr. In the interview he's talking about how you approach your work, how little time we have here, and why would you ever let yourself rush and put out something less than what you'd struggle to be your final best piece ever. Now we all know what an unbelievable painter Todd Schorr is, but that one interview stuck with me, and really set it's hooks in.

So when I was tossing around ideas and inspiration in my head before I began work on this show of mine, this notion was in every fiber. This body of work has been in the making for 8 months now (not including the 3 months prior to painting of prowling around in my mind), I'm on the home stretch, and looking back, I'm WORKED. It's definitely the tightest, most eager heartfelt struggle I've put out - which is what I held myself to WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. If I had this ONE LAST CHANCE to do a complete show and solid body of work, what would I do? What would I say? How would I lay it out?

In each of these new pieces, there's story. Little bits of story to make up the big story ~ the heavy bulk of the show. There's lots of symbolism as I've always hidden in my work, secrets and stories that most people will never know. That's how it goes with art works and their makers. But if these images grab people, make em look twice, make em feel...anything, and they never know the secrets - that's fine with me. As long as they're looking!

So as I go downstairs to chip away at these final pieces, I hope you are all doing well, and doing exactly what you want to do - with no exceptions! Fare well, my friends!!


  1. Hi Brandi,

    I think you should do a blog for every show you do. What a great insight to your process and soul.

    Last night I was reading my newest issue of Juxtapoz (#112) totally dedicated to David Choe --who's art I don't get or care for, but the editor wrote an introduction to the issue and stated, "[I] believe that you're never just buying a painting; you're buying part of an artist's soul."

    Wow! I never though of it that way, but after reading your blog, I can see how true that is.


  2. brandi!

    my mouth is salivating and my heart is anxious to see your new work!!!!